You Don’t Say by Stick Insect

Puzzle explanation

The misprints (not corrections) in clues spelt out “he is responsible for creating ‘blurb’”, identifying the writer Gelett Burgess, who coined the word (as the etymology in Chambers confirms). The grid’s perimeter initially contained just over half of his 1895 nonsense poem, originally titled The Purple Cow’s projected feast / Reflections on a Mythic Beast / Who’s Quite Remarkable, at Least:

I never saw a Purple Cow, I never hope to see one; But [I can tell you, anyhow, I’d rather see than be one.]

This was then replaced by the first half of Burgess’s 1897 follow-up poem, titled Confession: and a Portrait Too, Upon a Background that I Rue:

Ah, yes, I wrote the “Purple Cow” — I’m Sorry, now, I wrote it; [But I can tell you Anyhow I’ll Kill you if you Quote it!]

Clue explanations

Conventions: * = anagram, < = reversal

No Misprint: correction Answer Explanation
6 H: (R)ook TUISM TRUISM − R
8 E: b(I)ts STRAP PARTS <
9 I: sim(P)le BEAR homophone of BARE
10 S: (R)un IDEA’D ID + READ − R
11 R: (H)ouses EMBER (Rem)EMBER(ing)
13 E: b(U)st TERMER ER after TERM
14 S: (T)on or ri(T)es SEROTINES ((TON RISES) * or (SON RITES) *) around E
15 P: (B)elt OARING (A after O) + RING
17 O: (A)ppose NASAL N(ation) A(ppose) S(etting) A(ny) L(imits)
19 N: (M)atter EHING E + (t)HING
20 S: (T)ale ABLATE A + B + TALE *
22 I: a(W)ry SAMEN MANSE *
24 B: (F)lanked DISC IS in DC
26 L: shel(T)er SHEAS HE in SAS
28 F: (N)ew ANTE N in ATE
29 O: (I)n ECHE CH in EE
1 R: Ti(M)es ITEMS TIMES *
2 C: voi(D)ed EIRE EI + R(ul)E
3 R: (S)eason EMIT TIME <
5 A: o(F)f WADES WASHED * − H
7 T: (S)hrilling STRONGEST STR + ON + GE + S(hrilling) + T
8 I: sn(A)ffling SDEIN D(iseas)E in SIN
12 N: Li(V)e BERIA BE + AIR <
16 G: en(R)age GANGER G + ANGER
18 B: (H)ow SAITHE SAI + THE
21 L: Eag(R)e BOREE BORE + E
22 U: n(O)t SHOE SHOP − P + E
23 R: (M)an MANO MAN + O
25 B: (C)atches STEN NETS <
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