Double Cross by Radix

Puzzle explanation

The rogue letters spelt out “You may need to consider the other clues instead”. The “wrong” clues led to an alternative fill (see the table below), with the diagonals reading as shown below the correct solution grid.

Clue explanations

Conventions: * = anagram, < = reversal

No Rogue Letter
2nd half start
Answer Explanation
1a (–Y)o TOCOS (O + SCOT) *
1b strode PACED (Half of DECAPITATE(d)) <
5a B(–o)ard ENGUARD (U + GRANDE(e)) *
5b external ALBUGOS ALSO * about BUG
10a (+u)RN AHAB AH + AB; reference Moby Dick
10b RN OLLA Two definitions
11a s(+m)ack PILCORN LIP < + CON about R
11b one PAROLEE (A + ROLE) in P(entonvill)E
12a ste(+a)m LIERNE (IE + R(ui)N) in LE
12b ringing — RE-ECHO REECH + (Quasimod)O
13a D(–y)es RESEDA (DES + ARE) *
13b what RIPSAW (IS about P [400]) in RAW
15a du(+n)e ALGA ALG + A
15b long SEIF IF after (S + E)
16a t(–e)a HANDSELS H + SENDALS *
16b wine SAUTERNE (ENSURE + TA) *
18a ser(+e)in RAIN (ca)NARI(es) *
18b perhaps OGRE (EG + OR) *
20a whee(–d)ling BOVVER BOER about (V + V)
20b would NILLED (DELL + IN) <
23a S(–t) SIERRA SWITHIN + IE + R(ain) + RA – WITHIN; reference international radio communication, Sierra = S
23b House SEANAD ’S + NAD(a) after EA
25a b(+o)y CLAD C + LAD
25b bank BRAE BR + AE
26b loco needs LOOSENER LOO + homophone (SENNA/SENER, in RP)
28a b(+o)at CLAN CL [150] + AN
28b bat SCOW W after (S [70] + C [100] + O)
31a see(+n) ENESCO SEEN * + CO; will = astray (Scot)
31b minstrels SCOPAS S + CO + PAS
32a require(–s) KILERG KIL(l)ER + (displayin)G
32b requires ENJOIN (ONE J) * + IN
33a lung(+i)s THEATRE (THAT + (w)ERE) *
33b special SHASHES S + HASHES; earlier spelling of sashes
34a hear(–d) HERA HEAR *
34b northern MART Two definitions
35a Mobil(+e) SERPENT PRESENT *
35b Pacific TALAYOT TALA + TOY <
36a (–r)use WASTE WAST + E
36b dogs TOSAS TO + SAS
1b salutes TALUSES SALUTES *
2a s(–h)eep OHIO OH + IO
2b sheltered ALEE (g)AL(e) + (s)EE(p)
3a quit(+e) CAESURA (RESCU(e) + AA) *
3b shower CLEANSE CLEAN + SE (England)
4a L(–o)ire SANE (EN + AS) <
4b pulse DAHL HAD < + L
5a I(–t) APOGEE EGO < in APE
5b a spider EPEIRA (APE + IRE) *; “that clown” refers to the earlier APE
6a (+h)ill BLESSING B + LESSING; Doris Lessing, who grew up in what was then Rhodesia
6b ashen GRISEOUS G + RISE + OUS
7a Concord(+e) GOER GORE *
7b Gore’s ALSO AL’S + O; reference to Al Gore
8a c(–r)ash READIES Two definitions
8b given command ORDERED ORDE + RED; The Chambers Dictionary gives the name under chindit
9a (–c)rime SNAKE ’S + NAKE(d)
9b crime DEWAN DEW + AN [obs for “on”]
14a P(+l)ay PURVIEW PUR + VIE + W
14b puffed SWOLLEN LEN (Hutton) after LOWS <
15a (–u)s ADDRESS ADD + (cha)R + ESS
15b dustpan STAND-UP DUSTPAN *
19a i(–s) PIRANHA RIP < + AN + H(oliday) + A
19b ray RELÂCHE RE [ray] + LA + CHE [I]
21a a(+i)m LEIPOAS PO after LEI + AS
21b customers VENDEES SEE < after (V + END)
22a He(–n) RARE GAS AREG in RAS
22b End DÉTENTE (END + TÊTE) *
24a (+s)lack NOCKET C in TOKEN *
24b most IDLEST L(unch) in ID EST
25a (+t)Inge’s BLEST B + LEST
25b Inge’s CASTS CAST + S
27a bor(–e) VEAL L after VEA(dar)
27b female DOER DOE + (bo)R
29a bi(–a)s OINT INTO *
29b bias ANEW Hidden
30a (+D)ross DIRT R in DIT
30b their ORRA Hidden; reference to earlier “Scots”
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