Listener Crossword: History



It appears that solvers often enclosed letters with their submissions, if only to justify answers they were unsure of. Occasionally a letter made its way to the correspondence pages.

1930Virgil Bi-Millenary Crossword1931A Tribute to Janus
1937Congratulations to ‘Doggerel’1940What is an Anagram?
1949Higher Powers1954‘Afrit’ [1]
1954‘Afrit’ [2]1966Key words
1975Our crossword1976Clued-up but clueless
1976Mastermind (Apex)1977Lost Rivers (Alexis)
1978Now Read on 1979Crossword Jubilee
1979Crossword evolution 1982Crossword Difficulty
1987Crossword Cry 1990Cross words
1990Never Lost for Words    

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